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8º B Bilíngue - Assuntos Avaliação 12/06

Assuntos para avaliação do 8B Bilíngue - no 12/06
READING: (p. 300-304)
identify and analyse a universal theme from a story excerpt, -individual struggle toward a personal goal: (a person’s struggle with humanity / falling in love / life cycles / karma / coping with tragedy / discovering the world around us) 
-describe how incidents in the story reveal aspects of the character(s) and/or provoke a decision; 
synonyms and context clues (p. 55 and 280)
coordinating conjunctions (p.65)
pronoun antecedent agreement (p.103, 445) 
describing cause and effect-vocabulary use and meanings (provoked, lead to, evoked, spelled, wreaked, produced, bred, prompted) -matching and use in sentence. (pages 114-120, 862-869)
critical review (p.301)
compare and contrast (p.989)

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